7: Venezuela, Mueller and the Purge

Sunday, May 5 2019 – 9pm till Midnight CST

This was a live recording hosted by William. He discussed the crisis in Venezuela, the Mueller report and social media de-platforming.

0:03:30 – “No Cities to Love”: No Cities to Love (2015) by Sleater-Kinney
0:06:20 – “Big Beast”: R.A.P. Music (2012) by Killer Mike
0:11:00 – “Say Hello 2 Heaven”: Temple of the Dog (1990) by Temple of the Dog
0:17:00 – “Hangout at the Gallows”: God’s Favorite Customer (2018) by Father John Misty
0:25:30 – crisis in Venezuela
0:45:15 – 2019 Venezuelan presidential crisis
1:01:30 – “Rain on the Scarecrow”: Scarecrow (1985) by John Mellencamp
1:05:20 – “Been Caught Stealing”: Ritual De Lo Habitual (1990) by Jane’s Addiction
1:08:50 – “Ants Marching”: Under the Table & Dreaming (1994) by Dave Matthews Band
1:13:10 – “Royals”: Pure Heroine (2013) by Lorde
1:18:50 – The Mueller Report
1:39:55 – Michael Tracey interviews George Papadopoulos
1:40:08 – F.B.I. Sent Investigator Posing as Assistant to Meet With Trump Aide in 2016
1:40:55 – Did Comey Try to Blackmail Trump?
2:04:00 – “Congress might consider a law exempting a President—while in office—from criminal prosecution and investigation.”
2:31:16 – “Secrets”: Vs. (1982) by Mission of Burma
2:34:40 – “Crucify”: Little Earthquakes (1992) by Tori Amos
2:39:50 – “Dig Your Own Hole”: Dig Your Own Hole (1997) by The Chemical Brothers
2:45:05 – “Fuck This Town”: South Mouth (1997) by Robbie Fulks
2:48:20 – de-platforming
2:56:00 – free speech NFL tweet
2:59:00 – fediverse
3:01:30 – XY Chelsea
3:02:00 – “Shut Up”: Silence Yourself (2013) by Savages

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6: Immigration and Mr Wegerson

Sunday, April 28 2019 – 9pm till Midnight CST

This was a live recording hosted by William. He discussed current concerns over immigration in a personal context and environmentalism as religion. Then he spoke with Jeff Wegerson (Twitter: @JWegerson), a lefty community blogging buddy from over 10 years ago. They discussed a lot including electoral politics, political blogging, global warming, a system that works and money.

0:00:10 – “Drum Trip”: When I Woke (1994) by Rusted Root
0:35:45 – Not all Trump supporters (I was apparently referencing an old clip that only hit my feed this week)
0:39:30 – “Voices in My Head”: Patch The Sky (2016) by Bob Mould
0:44:15 – Chief Seattle’s Speech
0:55:05 – “Play Your Part (Pt. 1)”: Feed the Animals (2008) by Girl Talk
1:02:30 – conversation begins
1:40:00 – Global Warming
1:56:20 – Powell Memorandum (not doctrine)
1:58:20 – What Confucius Teaches Those Who Want a Better World | Ian Welsh
2:05:00 – Moral Foundations Theory
2:09:30 – Modern Monetary Theory
2:39:50 – RussiaGate is Really Finished | Moon of Alabama
2:41:00 – Julian Assange is Being Used as a Smokescreen | Scheer Intelligence
2:55:00 – “Over the Counterculture”: Over the Counter Culture (2006) by Tim Fite
2:58:40 – “To Defy the Laws of Tradition”: Frizzle Fry (1990) by Primus

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#5 – Easter and Thoughts on Religion

Sunday, April 21 2019 – 9pm till Midnight CST

This was a live recording hosted by William with no guests. He discussed religion etc on Easter 2019.

0:03:00 – “The Feeling Begins”: Passion: Music for The Last Temptation of Christ (1989) by Peter Gabriel
0:22:15 – “Easter”: Rant In E-Minor (1997) by Bill Hicks
0:40:37 – “Of These, Hope”: Passion: Music for The Last Temptation of Christ (1989) by Peter Gabriel
0:45:00 – “Odd Beliefs”: Relentless (1991) by Bill Hicks
0:46:00 – “Christians for the Death Penalty”: Shock and Awe (2003) by Bill Hicks
0:52:20 – KRS-One: “The Truth”
0:58:50 – The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker
1:03:50 – Bill Hicks: “It’s Just A Ride”
1:04:30 – “Lazarus Raised” etc: Passion: Music for The Last Temptation of Christ (1989) by Peter Gabriel
1:09:30 – David Foster Wallace: “This is Water”
1:47:35 – “In Doubt”: Passion: Music for The Last Temptation of Christ (1989) by Peter Gabriel
2:12:00 – A Course in Miracles
2:13:00 – Marianne Williamson, Krishnamurti, Deepak Chopra
2:14:12 – “Dinosaurs in the Bible”: Arizona Bay (1997) by Bill Hicks
2:28:40 – President Trump’s tweet re: Rep Omar
2:33:05 – “Zaar”: Passion: Music for The Last Temptation of Christ (1989) by Peter Gabriel
2:39:30 – Blasts Targeting Christians Kill Hundreds in Sri Lanka
2:44:00 – John Lennon: “Imagine”
2:48:17 – “The Sanctity of Life”: Relentless (1991) by Bill Hicks
2:55:00 – “Opiate”: Opiate (1992) by Tool

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#4 – Star Wars Celebration and Mr Biewer

Sunday, April 14 2019 – 9pm till Midnight CST

This was a live recording hosted by William. He discussed attending Star Wars Celebration with his daughter, and then spoke with Christopher Biewer (Twitter: @chrisbiewer), a friend of over 20 years. They discussed his experience/perspective of the entertainment industry, @chancetherapper and advertising, difficult subjects in school, critical thinking in education and media, personal politics and WikiLeaks. Apologies to Ms Chapman.

0:01:30 – “The Thrill is Gone”: Live from Cook County Jail (1970) by B.B. King
0:06:00 – “No Future/No Past”: Attack on Memory (2012) by Cloud Nothings
0:10:00 – Star Wars Celebration
0:59:20 – “Fast Car”: Tracy Chapman (1988) by Tracy Chapman (gets cut off)
1:03:00 – conversation begins
1:07:00 – Vendors pilot
1:30:40 – “doing commercials is gross”
1:50:20 – …ending slavery in Ancient Greece would ruin their way of life…
2:06:00 – A People’s History of the United States
2:18:00 – Hopelessly in June
2:26:00 – Nuclear Power & Global Warming
2:40:30 – Bill Clinton’s support for the death penalty
2:50:10 – people per US Representative
2:57:50 – Casten and Trump’s taxes
2:58:00 – 10 days in Sweden: the full allegations against Julian Assange
3:00:00 – Julian Assange: Campaigner or attention-seeker?
3:02:00 – What we know — and don’t know — about WikiLeaks, Julian Assange and the 2016 campaign
3:03:00 – Hillary Clinton email controversy
3:05:00 – WikiLeaks
3:07:00 – The U.S. Government’s Indictment of Julian Assange Poses Grave Threats to Press Freedom
3:10:00 – Daniel Ellsberg: Assange’s Arrest Is the Beginning of the End
3:22:00 – “Fast Car”: Tracy Chapman (1988) by Tracy Chapman (gets cut off again)

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#3 – Assange, Spring Break and Kurt Cobain

Sunday, April 7 2019 – 9pm till Midnight CST

This was a live recording hosted by William with no guests. Ugh. He discussed Julian Assange, a spring break trip from Memphis to Atlanta to Nashville to Louisville, and what the 25th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s suicide meant to him.

0:00:30 – “Renegades of Funk”: Planet Rock: The Album (1986) by Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force
0:11:30 – “Corporation”: Boarding House Reach (2018) by Jack White
0:16:40 – Julian Assange
0:43:40 – “Ice Station Zebra”: Boarding House Reach (2018) by Jack White
0:52:00 – National Civil Rights Museum & Central BBQ
0:53:00 – the power of reason and empathy
1:17:00 – 1964 Presidential Election
1:30:00 – Sun Studio
1:39:00 – Rock & Soul Museum
1:39:30 – Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken
1:41:00 – Elvis Presley’s Birthplace
1:43:00 – Georgia Aquarium
1:43:40 – Aviva by Kameel
1:43:50 – CNN HQ
1:53:00 – Sublime Donuts
1:54:00 – Atlanta Botanical Garden
1:55:00 – Incline Mountain
1:56:00 – 1885 Grill
1:58:00 – The Hermitage
2:03:00 – The Parthenon
2:04:00 – Double J Stables & Mammoth Cave National Park
2:10:00 – Mike Linnig’s Restaurant
2:11:00 – Churchill Downs
2:12:30 – Kentucky Horse Park
2:15:30 – Eiderdown
2:18:00 – Martin Luther King, Jr – Beyond Vietnam
2:21:00 – “Galileo”: Rites of Passage (1992) by Indigo Girls
2:26:00 – Sound Opinions 325: Monterey Pop and the Live Music Explosion
2:34:10 – payola
2:35:10 – Elvis and Dewey Phillips
2:35:40 – Our Band Could Be Your Life: Scenes from the American Indie Underground, 1981–1991
2:37:24 – Nielsen SoundScan
2:46:40 – Everybody Loves Our Town: An Oral History of Grunge
2:57:00 – beyond the tyranny of government – cultural pressure:pathetic dot theory
2:59:00 – Eddie Vedder and Kurt Cobain
3:00:30 – “All Apologies”: In Utero (1993) by Nirvana

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#2 – A Conversation with Carl Nyberg

Sunday, March 31 2019 – 9pm till Midnight CST

This was a live recording hosted by William with Carl Nyberg (Twitter: @CarlNyberg312), a long-time friend & Chicago activist. They discussed #JussieSmollett, #RussiaGate, racism, capitalism and Chicago/Illinois government and politics.

0:00:30 – “People Of The Sun”: Evil Empire (1996) by Rage Against the Machine
0:03:00 – “Burn the Witch”: A Moon Shaped Pool (2016) by Radiohead
0:06:40 – conversation begins

note: all timestamps are estimated

#1 – Pilot

Sunday, March 17 2019 – 9pm till Midnight CST

This was a live recording hosted by William with an anonymous guest. They discussed recent events, and then the host tried to explain the point of this endeavor. It will get better.

0:03:08 – “Roots Radicals”: And Out Come the Wolves (1995) by Rancid
0:08:20 – conversation begins
1:32:06 – conversation ends and explanation begins
2:25:20 – “Disconnect”: Weight (1994) by Rollins Band
2:25:43 – “Liar”: Weight (1994) by Rollins Band
2:30:17 – “The American Dream” – Life is Worth Losing (2005) by George Carlin
2:33:57 – “Wake Up”: In Concert (1991) by The Doors
2:35:29 – “Slaves with White Collars”: Fight Club (1999)
2:36:35 – “Choose Life”: Trainspotting (1996)
2:38:50 – “The Primal Forces of Nature”: Network (1976)
2:42:34 – “What Do You Wanna Do?”: Good Will Hunting (1997)
2:43:26 – “NSA”: Good Will Hunting (1997)
2:45:16 – “Reason to Believe”: Nebraska (1982) by Bruce Springsteen
2:49:40 – “Spiritual Crisis”: The End of the Tour (2015)
2:50:42 – “Run the Jewels”: Run the Jewels (2013) by Run the Jewels
2:54:06 – “Marketing and Advertising” – Arizona Bay (1997) by Bill Hicks
2:56:20 – “Ænema”: Ænema (1996) by Tool
3:03:50 – “(-) Ions”: Ænema (1996) by Tool

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Hypothesis: Positive Human Feedback

Beyond satisfying our physical needs, we are evolved to desperately desire Positive Human Feedback (#PHF). It’s the baby monkey choosing to cuddle a box wrapped in fur. It drives all our social interactions, at both the level of personal relationships and every creative endeavor. The question becomes what kinds of actions our culture generally teaches us will make us worthy of this #PHF. It ties together our needs for purpose, identity and community. Consumer culture is targeted towards making us think that what we buy will elicit this from others, by making them appreciative of the value we provide for them or that others will think more highly of us for what we do or possess. It’s why people want to be famous, that others will think of them often and like them. You’re thought of as cool if you fit in to some group whose opinions you value. We want love because that person can provide this feeling for us most directly and reliably. We usually do what’s expected of us to earn the general approval of those we interact with most regularly. Weirdos simply prioritize the opinions of some groups of cultural outsiders more than they do the general public. The true artist simply values the opinions of those who understand their perspective over the consumerist perspective above. Religions provide the religious with a community to give them those feelings, and often a sense that their relatives (and God) think well of their devotion.

The Work of Politics If You Care About Democracy

Trump’s election exposes the limits of a politics of persuasion. Instead of trying to convince people to vote for someone, we should be helping them to see through attempts to manipulate them, doing our best to get the general public the most good information possible and providing a political system where people can vote their conscience. The candidate’s job is to explain how they want to vote/govern. Then the people can choose wisely.

America is free and democratic to the degree to which it creates citizens, not just consumers, courageous critical human beings who are willing to keep it free and democratic every generation. If they don’t do it, you lose it. And you’re going to end up with a crypto-fascist America. Nothing. The laws of history in terms of the role of complacency and cowardice and apathy rule in America too. Plato’s great critique of democracy. Show me a democracy and what? I’ll show you a group of people who are driven by so much unruly passion and pervasive ignorance that it will produce a tyrant. That’s Plato. That’s why we wrestle with Plato. Not his conclusions. We don’t need philosopher-kings. The critique. Powerful then, and powerful now.