Pro-market Progressive

That’s what I’m going to start calling my political philosophy. It means that I like competition in all areas of life and see the value in our economic system, but that it must serve the public interest. And it fails in a lot of ways, but the best solution is then to try to fix its shortcomings by causing the least distortion possible. Or force negative externalities back onto those who caused them. Just as the market system is built on certain artificial legal structures, we may need to help those born with an unfair disadvantage, provide new structures like the internet or other infrastructure to create a more competitive environment, or break up entities that have reduced competition in various sectors.

And in paying for public goods, we should place the burden on those best able to pay and where doing so will have the least disruptive effect on the market – the wealthy. Reduce taxes everywhere else as much as possible, excepting fees that pay for something that lacks general public value and restricting deterrence taxation to alleviating the related negative externality.