Beyond the Material World

Life is complicated. As far as we can tell, there is an objective reality outside of our consciousness. It still exists when we’re sleeping, dead etc. But everything we know must be filtered through our consciousness, which is shaped by our experiences. And science still doesn’t understand how it arises out of the biology of our brains. Consciousness feels to each of us like a ghost controlling our physical bodies, with our ideas and emotions stemming from somewhere inside of that. And it is only when we connect these ideas up with those of others and the outside physical world, we build a culture, which then reflects back and shapes all the other consciousnesses.

Of course I’m rambling.

But my point is to confront spirituality directly. To take back this space from religion and bring it down from what some consider the lofty realm of philosophy. To both say that there is more that just our material world that we all know exists from personal experience, while also reclaiming discussion of those ideas for the public sphere. When we limit the discussion of certain ideas and refuse to admit we don’t know something, a cult of what passes as knowledge or those with that knowledge can develop. In the world of adolescence, you can kinda see it with drugs and sex. In the larger society, misunderstandings evolve into myth, people become tribal. And as time goes on, the questioning necessary for growth becomes more easily interpreted as personal attacks. And we hate. And we kill. But most common of all, we refuse to try to better understand each other and be less lonely and find compromises to improve the human condition.

So again, this is why I want to talk about all this. Why I care about how our culture is failing to evolve. Why I’m disappointed in what passes as adult life, conversation and priorities.