Healthy Culture Manifesto

The personal becomes the social. We must nurture and balance these key human qualities in ourselves and each other:

Curiosity | Integrity | Empathy

  1. we must truly want to know what is factual to the best of our ability, in the world and ourselves
  2. we must be brave enough to fight for what we believe when it’s unpopular but also humble enough to change our minds
  3. we must care enough to understand each other and take collective action to improve our conditions

My name is William Maggos. I’m frustrated by our inability to solve our big problems and depressed by how it feels to live a modern life. And I believe this condition exists because the public fails to understand and embrace what makes cultural progress possible, at the individual level and as a society. We can get back to improving the lives of the most people by fixing that which prevents us from working together better. This site exists to fight for a healthy culture and encourage others to do the same.

What’s Needed

Independent Knowledge Creation

Democratic Communication Platforms

Enlightenment Education

Public Face-to-Face Conversations