15: Democratic Party Realism and Much More with Nathan

Sunday, June 30 2019 – 9pm till Midnight CST

This was a live recording hosted by William, with his friend and neighbor Nathan. They discussed a lot including social media, the Democratic party primary, universal health care, trade, economics, college loans, reparations, modern monetary theory. Then he did a recap of the week’s news.

Current Events: June 23-30, 2019

— more show notes coming soon —

14: Monitoring the News

Sunday, June 23 2019 – 9pm till Midnight CST

This was a live recording hosted by William, just recapping the week’s news.

Wikipedia Portal for Current Events: June 16-22, 2019
Musical interludes: The Monitor (album) (2010) by Titus Andronicus

0:03:25 – “A More Perfect Union”
0:10:35 – “Titus Andronicus Forever”
0:12:30 – “No Future Part Three: Escape From No Future”
0:17:47 – “Richard II or Extraordinary Popular Dimensions and the Madness of Crowds (Responsible Hate Anthem)”
0:22:54 – “A Pot in Which to Piss”
0:58:15 – “Four Score and Seven”
1:27:00 – multi-level marketing
1:31:00 – “Theme From ‘Cheers'”
1:41:00 – Colombian conflict
1:43:00 – ranked-choice voting
1:49:10 – “To Old Friends and New”
2:06:40 – “…And Ever”
2:10:20 – US-Iran: Trump announces ‘major’ sanctions amid tensions
2:14:20 – Conservative MP Mark Field grabs climate protester by the neck
2:15:10 – Trump administration unveils $50 billion Palestinian economic plan in approach Abbas calls ‘unacceptable’
2:23:17 – “The Battle of Hampton Roads”
2:40:05 – Glenn Greenwald: People Who Feel Inadequate In Life Get Purpose And Strength By Calling For War

note: all timestamps are estimated