The big idea is to fight for a better culture, where people care much more about facts, reasoning and understanding each other. It will make for a more interesting place to live and let us better work out our social problems. It would be a more free and democratic culture, where we all have more of the foundational requirements to more quickly evolve society to better achieve the greatest public good for all.

Culture is everything. It is the foundation for all human interaction, the assumptions we begin with in every relationship. It serves as the rules of the game for this thing we call life. It shapes how we think, what we value, why we’ve set up our political and economic systems in the way that they are. It opens and closes the door for technological progress.

In a free culture, there is a sense of democratic evolution. Ideas get debated and tested, and the best ones will get spread and adopted most widely. While hopes were high for this process accelerating as people came online and technology advanced rapidly, the cultural progress has been relatively slow. We’ve gotten mired down in distraction, deep disagreements over facts and a failure to understand each other. We need to recommit ourselves to shared principles and practices, while also building new tools and organizations that better serve our needs in this connected culture.