Fighting the Attention-Persuasion Complex

How do you learn about the world outside your personal experience? Where did your worldview come from? Beyond school and friends/family, the answer is some form of media. At least now, thanks to the internet, we have many more options of who to trust to learn facts and get honest perspectives. But that makes these […]


If we truly believe in the ability of a people to rule themselves, we need to have a somewhat shared understanding of our world. I think the story of our cultural and political moment is that this seems to have slipped away. Therefore, any true political reform must have a larger vision. It must address […]

Dishonesty and the Attention Economy

The election of Trump is serving as a tipping point, causing many Americans to finally wonder if something has fundamentally changed in our civic life. How is this possible? My contention is that Trump took advantage of some changing conditions, but his win is actually firmly rooted in the thesis of Jon Stewart’s final monologue […]

Fixing Illinois

Independent Representation Independence for All Structural Budget Reforms Illinois is broken because we have had decades of placing politics above policy. The focus has been short-term, on the next election, instead of long-term, and what is best for our state. Personal interests and wealth over the public good. A complete unwillingness to make hard choices […]

Real Music

“Fuck this town. I’m moving.” This is not just about country music. Rock had the same problem in the 1980’s until SoundScan came along and forced the industry to reconsider what people really wanted to hear. It is the problem with the radio and popular music now. It is much easier to sign a few […]

Pro-market Progressive

That’s what I’m going to start calling my political philosophy. It means that I like competition in all areas of life and see the value in our economic system, but that it must serve the public interest. And it fails in a lot of ways, but the best solution is then to try to fix […]

Mobile Number As Personal DNS

Your mobile number is like a domain name. You basically own it, but some central organization provides oversight of the database of numbers. They subcontract much of that management out to the carriers, but you can take the number with you when you change carriers. Just like owning a domain name and changing registrars. Your […]

Time to Start Writing Again

I am unemployed. I am getting in shape – running and working out everyday for months now. I am learning Ruby on Rails. I am actually building Public Patron. I am volunteering for Chuy for Mayor of Chicago when I can. I am freezing in my basement office. My daughter is learning jiu-jitsu. My dad […]