Hypothesis: Positive Human Feedback

Beyond satisfying our physical needs, we are evolved to desperately desire Positive Human Feedback (#PHF). It’s the baby monkey choosing to cuddle a box wrapped in fur. It drives all our social interactions, at both the level of personal relationships and every creative endeavor. The question becomes what kinds of actions our culture generally teaches […]

The Work of Politics If You Care About Democracy

Trump’s election exposes the limits of a politics of persuasion. Instead of trying to convince people to vote for someone, we should be helping them to see through attempts to manipulate them, doing our best to get the general public the most good information possible and providing a political system where people can vote their […]

#ActivityPub Now Works Like an Improved Version of RSS

This is a post to my site https://culturewar.us. But it’s also an #ActivityPub post, meaning it shows up directly in the #fediverse. Like a toot (like a tweet on #mastodon). It’s not perfect, but we’re getting there. Thanks to the Pterotype plugin for WordPress from @jdormit@mastodon.technology.

Beyond the Material World

Life is complicated. As far as we can tell, there is an objective reality outside of our consciousness. It still exists when we’re sleeping, dead etc. But everything we know must be filtered through our consciousness, which is shaped by our experiences. And science still doesn’t understand how it arises out of the biology of […]

Hypocrisy, Authority and Value Systems

Empathy is natural and serves as the foundation for all of our other values. The advantage here is it means we have an inner guide for how to live, but our problem is that translating those values into action can take a lot of thought. Sometimes those values conflict, or we don’t have the time […]

The Alternative

My sketch of what a free culture media consumption model would look like: It starts with something like #mastodonsocial – distributed social media with no ads & no algorithm. No outside control of what shows up in your feed, cause that is now solely determined by who you follow and what they share. Perhaps there […]

Pushing Back Against Idiocracy

We are mentally lazy. Of course it is easier to be entertained, but more stimulating thought is just like exercise. Once you know both the rewards of the work and make it a pattern in your life, you can feel that critical thinking muscle atrophy. Once you have it, you see others and culture differently. […]