A Message from Willis Earl Beal

Followers. One immense sheep herd. Dancing, twirling, going ape-shit for the unknown dream. I can see it so clearly now. We are fooling ourselves. Necessity, simple need, has led me to this conclusion. No single collection of songs or literature can encompass or transcend it. Once again, it seems that there is an opportunity to “Do something”…but what can be done? What can be done when every aspect of modern existence is monetarily owned? When power-crazed, megalomaniacal, business men infect minds with their subliminal marketing and turn common men into thieves or vagabonds or unwitting slaves?

Drink it up. Smoke it up. Fuck it. Suck it. Tear your fellow comrades down. Listen to the steady thump of the dead beat. It is the sound of your own heart. The parade is unyielding as we march enthusiastically into oblivion. We, as the common people cannot protect ourselves against oncoming wilderness. For we have been rendered helpless by instantaneous gratification. Our politics, religion, music, art, communication & necessary skills have been pre-selected. We must stay in-between the lines that have been painted by the state, by the taste makers, by the media etc. We must go through the proper channels to convey messages, to get a companion, to be accepted. Even I, who took a detour, have ended up here, on some kind of main road. If not, we are excised, cut off, turned into mad men. Even modern anarchy has become a stale joke. Love is for sale.

– from The Book of Nobody

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