The Work of Politics If You Care About Democracy

Trump’s election exposes the limits of a politics of persuasion. Instead of trying to convince people to vote for someone, we should be helping them to see through attempts to manipulate them, doing our best to get the general public the most good information possible and providing a political system where people can vote their conscience. The candidate’s job is to explain how they want to vote/govern. Then the people can choose wisely.

America is free and democratic to the degree to which it creates citizens, not just consumers, courageous critical human beings who are willing to keep it free and democratic every generation. If they don’t do it, you lose it. And you’re going to end up with a crypto-fascist America. Nothing. The laws of history in terms of the role of complacency and cowardice and apathy rule in America too. Plato’s great critique of democracy. Show me a democracy and what? I’ll show you a group of people who are driven by so much unruly passion and pervasive ignorance that it will produce a tyrant. That’s Plato. That’s why we wrestle with Plato. Not his conclusions. We don’t need philosopher-kings. The critique. Powerful then, and powerful now.

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