Zeitgeist & The Dark Knight

There is only one LEGAL place to get the entire digital version of the latest album by the Smashing Pumpkins, and that is on iTunes.

There is only one LEGAL way to get all the special features for the latest Batman movie, and that is by buying the Blu-ray disk.

Is this the future you want?

Via iTunes, the Pumpkins album “Zeitgeist” is DRM-ed (here is an explanation of why that sucks.). You can get HQ files without DRM from Amazon MP3, but you have to buy the songs one at a time and cant even buy one of the tracks at all. I have every album but this one, and I wanted to listen to every song by them before attending the concert this Sunday. I will probably download all the tracks but that one from Amazon, but I hate the idea of missing one song from an album, especially from an artist important to me.

Regarding “The Dark Knight”, you can buy the movie on DVD. But it doesn’t have nearly the amount of special features that come with the Blu-ray version. Normally I wouldn’t care that much, but I loved the film & it was filmed downtown in Chicago where I live so I want to pour over all the special features this one time. But I don’t have a Blu-ray player and this is isn’t enough to change my mind.

Yep, of course Ive gotta mention it, publicpatron would solve this problem. Just release the files on your site (in an RSS feed perhaps), and if users of publicpatron listened to the music or watched the special features, the creators would get paid.

Besides, all these anti-consumer strategies do is make more people have even less respect for copyright. You are feeding the monster.

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