Pushing Back Against Idiocracy

We are mentally lazy. Of course it is easier to be entertained, but more stimulating thought is just like exercise. Once you know both the rewards of the work and make it a pattern in your life, you can feel that critical thinking muscle atrophy. Once you have it, you see others and culture differently. It feels like weaker people getting taken advantage by manipulation. Bullies. And then at a selfish level, you know that democracy means if enough people can be controlled, the social structure can be changed for the benefit of the manipulators, and that will then impact you negatively.

It is not an ideological issue as to who is right or wrong, but it is ideology at fault. The problem is fully embracing any ideology or thought, even your own. It is a failure to recognize your own failure. And that’s one reason why we mush engage with others at a deep level, to challenge ourselves. To hear the wisdom of the crowd. It is the scientific method of consciousness, to listen to others’ arguments as evidence and to let that change our understanding. To know that while it will only lead to more questions, we are also less ignorant than before. You can’t do it alone, or surrounded by people who agree with you. Do the work to figure out your opinion, but leave room for doubt and invite visitors.