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(10:45:24 AM) joe hahn:
(6:29:57 PM) William Maggos: you wanna be on the board?
(6:30:30 PM) joe hahn: totallee
(6:31:11 PM) William Maggos: i think it should start with just mp3, music and audio podcasts
(6:31:33 PM) William Maggos: i know audioscrobbler works with ipod, but that might be it
(6:31:57 PM) joe hahn: have you considered contacting lastfm already?
(6:32:12 PM) joe hahn: seems they already have the technology you could piggyback on
(6:32:27 PM) William Maggos: no, cause audioscrobbler is open source
(6:34:17 PM) joe hahn: aah.. i was a scrobbler before they gave birth to lastfm. the switchover was sort of confusing/disconcerting
(6:34:33 PM) joe hahn: or more like lastfm adopted audioscrobbler
(6:34:43 PM) William Maggos: ugh, looks like iphone doesnt work
(6:34:59 PM) William Maggos:
(6:36:41 PM) William Maggos:
(6:37:40 PM) joe hahn: purportedly the iphone’s sdk is being released soon
(6:38:01 PM) William Maggos: right, hopefully that will help
(6:41:20 PM) joe hahn: currently im working on my DJ music filebase. about 2/3 of the tracks i am editing and preparing i pirated AND were only available to me through pirate channels. stuff from the 70s and 80s only released on vinyl, and nearly impossible to acquire otherwise
(6:43:11 PM) joe hahn: less i want to pay $200 for someone’s original.. which i would simply record to wav and put into storage
(6:43:39 PM) joe hahn: the artist wouldnt see any of that $$
(6:43:52 PM) joe hahn: but theyre probably dead now anyway
(6:44:38 PM) William Maggos: with pp, all theyd have to do is put it on a website and register with pp and they could get paid
(6:45:50 PM) William Maggos: oh, so i also decided that in order to be reimbursed youd have to offer it free on a site that you could verify an email to that domain
(6:45:53 PM) William Maggos: i think
(6:48:16 PM) joe hahn: meaning the artist is demanded to make their music freely available otherwise they are ineligible?
(6:49:16 PM) William Maggos: it could be at;lskjfl;akjsfl;jaslkdfjl/song.mp3 but yeah
(6:51:19 PM) William Maggos: in order to verify it is their stuff, theyd have to give the site an email address that they could reply to an email from
(6:51:35 PM) joe hahn: hmm… i guess that would be good for making certain people involved understand newer technology to a degree, but what about people who made music years and years ago thats floating around?
(6:51:45 PM) joe hahn: they snooze they lose?
(6:52:40 PM) William Maggos: i dont think its too much to ask that they set up a website and put the music there, right?
(6:53:28 PM) William Maggos: im just concerned about making it a little more difficult to have folks get paid for other people’s stuff
(6:53:39 PM) William Maggos: at least this way, it can be tracked a bit
(6:53:48 PM) joe hahn: right. thats smart.
(6:54:52 PM) joe hahn: possibly your service could make $$ assisting non-tech-inclined people in getting their sound online. lastfm does that.. they do it for free though. hhmmm.. maybe they charge if you have to mail in a record or cd though. ive only used their site to upload and ftp
(6:59:46 PM) William Maggos: maybe, but only through instructions or directing them to others who would help
(6:59:51 PM) William Maggos: wanna keep it simple
(7:02:51 PM) William Maggos: if people do a recurring monthly donation, minimum $5, pp essentially has their $5 in the bank the whole time
(7:07:30 PM) William Maggos: which means pp earns (@ 3% interest) [ 5x12x.03 ] at least $1.80 per $5 user per year without cutting in on the artist
(7:07:38 PM) William Maggos: not sure thats enough to operate
(7:09:17 PM) William Maggos: but at a million users who only give $5 a month, it is $1.8 million
(7:12:27 PM) William Maggos: more realistically, $180,000 on 10,000 $5/month users
(7:22:11 PM) joe hahn: smart
(7:22:39 PM) joe hahn: i just made some food. bbl. this is really interesting

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